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"Protecting European Medicines"

The risk of falsified medicines is growing on a worldwide scale. For this reason the European Parliament and Council have released a Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) to protect the European pharmaceutical supply chain from the entry of falsified medicines.

From the first moment on we supported this initiative to improve patient safety. Therefore, we developed IT solutions to cover the various requirements of involved stakeholders in Europe like Pharmacies, Wholesalers, Manufacturers and the National Organizations.

Medicines Verification with

A solution for whole of Europe

Verification and decommissioning of medicine packs in the European market based on the requirements of the FMD Regulation. The cloud-based solution is certified in all European countries and the web application supports 10 different languages.

One solution on different devices

The web application works on devices like PC, notebook or tablet computer - you only need an internet connection and a standard browser.

In addition, we offer NMVS Connect as a mobile solution for smartphones or handheld scanners supporting Android and iOS operating system.


Easy Management of
FMD Alerts in Europe


Release 2.1

The challenge

As a result of the EU FMD Regulation, diverse Alerts are created due to the detection of falsified packs or due to procedural or technical errors. The management of these Alerts in high numbers is a significant challenge.

Solution approach

In order to meet the various requirements of all involved stakeholders like National Organizations, Pharmazeutical Industry, National Authorities and End Users we developed two Product Lines of NMVS Alerts.

Both Product Lines cover the specific requirements and offer the necessary functionality scope for an efficient resolution process.

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Product Lines



National Medicines
Verification Organization


Pharmaceutical Industry


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